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Copying Kills Creativity: Ten steps to creating original art - Deborah Wirsu Textile Artist    Inspiration for art and textiles from everyday objects - Deborah Wirsu Textile Artist   Edrica Huws Patchwork Pioneer Following her artist's instinct. A look at this inspiring artist and her work - from Deborah Wirsu Textile Artist   Repetition and imitation in textile art education - Does it Help? Deborah Wirsu Textile Artist

Find time for your art: Believe you are an artist - Deborah Wirsu Textile Artist   Be yourself: Self expression in your art - Deborah Wirsu Textile Artist    Ten Creative Things to do while your sewing machine is being repaired. Deborah Wirsu shares some ideas about how to fill a quilter's void when the machine is in for maintenance.   Lotus Leaf Studies - Looking to the past for new inspiration - Deborah Wirsu Textile Artist

Thread Sketching in Action - the Series - dozens of thread sketching, thread painting and free motion stitching demonstrations to inspire - Deborah Wirsu Textile Artist

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