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Do you want to learn amazing creative thread sketching, textiles or art quilting techniques that anyone with a little enthusiasm and passion can achieve, and that will make your friends and family think you’re totally amazing?

Good! Because that’s exactly how I would like to help you achieve your own sensational results, with creative ideas and easy-to-follow advice.

This website and business were launched to inspire a community of creative stitchers and thread-obsessives all around the world. You can stay in touch with everything I do by subscribing to my Studio Community (and get a free ebook, plus access to the Resource Library!).
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Thread Sketching in Action No 52 - Buttercups in a Rural Churchyard - Deborah Wirsu Textile Artist

Teaching is my passion!

I would love to share my passion with you so that you develop your own free creative spirit. I believe in breeding a positive and fun attitude, and helping you learn to laugh at the things that don’t quite go the way they should….and ways to fix them!

What else do I believe?

  • That you have the inherent ability to make amazing stitched art!
  • That you can overcome any self-doubts you may be harbouring about your ability.
  • That you can develop a truly individual artistic style.
  • That you deserve respect, which leads me to want to share tips, techniques and tutorials that will set you on the path to achieving your goals.

My work

My work has been shown in exhibitions in Australia and New Zealand, and sold worldwide. I’ve been featured in Australian Quilters Companion magazine and commissioned to make quilts and patterns, and been guest speaker at quilting organisation functions.

Thread Painted Autumn Leaves | Thread Sketching in Action | Deborah Wirsu | free motion stitching demonstration |

But do you want to know a bit about me?

Well, if you’re still reading, then I guess you do!

I love to stitch! These days, I use layers of free machine stitch to build texture and detail on collaged, dyed and painted surfaces, creating art quilts, textile pieces and thread sketched pictures for framing and mounting. Most of my fabric is dyed or painted prior to use, using textile inks, Procion MX dyes or Shibori techniques.

I don’t follow conventional routes and encourage students to explore new methods, pushing personal boundaries. The ‘Quilt Police’ don’t exist in my world. The rule here is that there are no rules! 

My life has been filled with creative arts. I spent my childhood experimenting with every style of craft I could get hold of, leading me to be not-particularly-skilful at anything!

But sewing was a common thread 🙂 And these days, I’m a bit more focused!

With an aunt who was a professional dressmaker, I was taught dressmaking and tailoring skills with an iron rod (well, not literally, but you know what I mean). My aunt was f-u-s-s-y about doing things r-i-g-h-t.

I was always a kid in a hurry, so I hated her attitude then, but appreciate it now.

Music in my life

Although I learned the piano from a fairly young age, it wasn’t until my teens that I took up the viola and decided (after 2 lessons!) that I was going to be a pro and play in an opera and ballet orchestra.

As you do 😉 !

Trio Bleu-Nial

That’s me, over on the right of the picture, looking a bit serious. It was a difficult piece of music!

It was a vertical learning curve and many, m-a-n-y hours of sloggin’ practice, but achieve my dreams, I did.

Sewing and crafts took a bit of a back seat during those years, but when I stumbled across Art Quilting I was totally hooked.

Developing as a textile artist

Over the years since, I’ve explored and experimented and developed my own ways of doing things. Some might call it reinventing the wheel 🙂 but I can be stubborn and so was determined to travel my own path, wherever that led.

And here I am – with you (if you’re still reading) – today!

really love to teach – adults and kids. And I love technology, and learning, and sharing. So developing workshops – both online and face-to-face – has been a natural progression.

2016 saw the launch of my online school Deborah Wirsu Textile Arts Academy. New and popular courses are being added all the time…

….and just as an ‘aside’….I’m also a bit of a nutter for Chinese tea, non-fiction books, music (of course) and Italian language!

What about the formal stuff?

Well, I have qualifications in creative textiles and art quilting, dress pattern design, along with music and freelance journalism.

Jack of all trades 🙂

See below for more info.

Who's a clever little flamingo? (Pondering Eccentricity 2) -Deborah Wirsu_product detail

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Online Classes

Visit my school Deborah Wirsu Textile Arts Academy for online courses.


Most of my teaching is conducted online, however if you are interested in having my visit to teach face-to-face, please contact me.

Checkout the Workshops page or contact me to enquire about workshops and classes in:

  • Freestyle stained glass quilts
  • Mosaic art quilts
  • Using raw edge appliqué to create unique landscape and pictorial quilts
  • Thread sketching and Thread painting

Exhibitions, Publications, etc, etc

  • Meeting the Challenge: Interpretations in Textiles – New Zealand, 2014
  • ‘Giant Russian’ quilt in Quilting Arts Magazine – June/July 2015
  • Artist profile plus ‘Waratah Dancer’ quilt and pull-out pattern in Australian Quilters Companion Great Australian Quilts No 6 magazine – October 2015
  • ‘Silent Soliloquy’ quilt juried into AQIPP – Australian Quilts in Public Places Exhibition 2015
  • Guest speaker AQA (Australian Quilters Association) 2016
  • 2016 – AQA Members Exhibition‘Silent Soliloquy’, ‘Waratah Dancer’ and ‘Japanese Windflowers’ selected and exhibited.
  • Artist profile ‘Micro Quilts by Deborah Wirsu’ in Australian Quilters Companion Great Australian Quilts No 7 magazine – October 2016



Where to find my work (apart from right here on this website!)

  • – Licensed to reproduce Deborah’s work as fine needlepoint canvases and kits. Extremely high quality reproductions and threads.
  • – Deborah’s art quilt and quilt block patterns available as PDF downloads from her Craftsy store.
  • – Quality reproductions Deborah’s work as fine prints, cushions, tote bags, phone covers, etc.


  • City & Guilds (London) Certificate in Creative Techniques in Textiles
  • Certificate in Dress Pattern Design
  • AMEB ATMusA (Teaching Violin/Viola major)
  • Diploma of Freelance Journalism
  • Working With Children Check (Victoria, Australia) Registration #0145475A-01 (


ABN: 82 517 547 878